December 18, 2014

Top 5 Online College Degrees

Going After One of the Top Five Online College Degrees

Each year recent high school graduates and adult continuing education students enroll in online college degree programs at accredited postsecondary schools.  Although you and other students likely enroll in one or more undergraduate or graduate degree program that align with your passions and that provide you with the greatest chance of working jobs you enjoy, you (and other college students) may find yourselves enrolling in some college courses more than others.  Top degrees and/or schools are reviewed and/or listed in national magazines and organizations such as Petersons, US News and World Report and The Princeton Review.  Some of the top five offline and/or online college degrees are in subjects that may or may not give you the job training you’re looking for.

Popular Degrees at Online Colleges and Distance Learning Schools

According to The Princeton Review, the top five college majors include:

  • Business Administration and Management/Commerce (You might consider this major if you like to lead teams or organizational groups.  Good communication skills and decision making abilities can help you to succeed in this major, and in jobs (e.g. department manager, chief executive officer) associated with a classroom and online college bachelor degree you get in the field.)
  • Psychology (Although you may or may not be able to find free online college degrees in this subject, if you enjoy figuring out what motivates people to behave and communicate the way they do, majoring in psychology might prove rewarding for you.  Types of courses you may take in this degree include early childhood development, abnormal psychology and the role of the family on individual mental and emotional health.)
  • Nursing (Combines traditional and liberal arts courses; also allows you to participate in clinical trials, giving you first-hand experience caring for patients.  You can work in a variety of medical departments after you get a nursing degree and pass your licensing exams.  For example, you can work in pediatrics, oncology or geriatrics.)
  • Biology/Biological Studies (Courses cover and/or examine plant, animal and human life.  Laboratory work may be required to earn biology or biological studies degrees.  Jobs you can work with these degrees include veterinarian, ecologist or environmentalist.)
  • Education (If you have a desire to teach others new skills, majoring in education at online colleges might be what you’re looking for.  Depending on the state you live in, you may have to pass a licensing examination before you start teaching elementary, middle, secondary or postsecondary school students.)

Depending on the year the top five online college degrees are identified by media and educational organizations, the degree fields might align with the highest paying jobs.  Of course, majoring in top five online college degrees may provide you advanced education in fields that are largely populated by other college students who are majoring in similar subjects that you are, making it important for you to get innovative when you connect with prospective hiring managers during job interviews and professional networking sessions.  Before majoring in an offline or accredited online college degree, consider taking the time to research the job outlook for the degree field using resources available to you through your college’s career counseling office or through government agencies like the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This way you can increase your chances of majoring in subjects, whether they are popular nationally amongst other college students or not, that offer you plenty of employment and job growth opportunities.


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