December 18, 2014

Earn Your Online Diploma

Earning High School Diplomas Via Virtual Classrooms

Homeschooling and charter schools introduced early changes into learning techniques and educational organizations.  In recent years, the advent of online education at secondary levels has found an increasing number of high schools and universities offering high school students opportunities to get their diplomas online using a computer and the Internet.  Some online schools start teaching virtual courses at the Kindergarten level.  Additionally and depending on your learning style, attending a distance learning school might help you to retain information presented during virtual classes for longer periods of time.  There are additional benefits to earning your online diploma.  For example, if you earn your diploma online you won’t have to worry about school bullying, rushing outside to catch the bus or packing a lunch.

Before you set out to get your high school diploma online make sure the school offering you the chance to get your high school diploma online free of charge is accredited and/or meets your state’s minimum graduation course requirements.  Also make sure that the accrediting organization is recognized by the United States Department of Education as not all accreditation organizations are.  The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) is a type of accrediting organization recognized by the Department of Education that reviews schools that grant high school diploma online programs.  The programs are reviewed for items such as their course offerings, teacher licensing requirements, budgets, administrative controls, etc.

Some online high schools are administered at physical academic hubs so you can complete virtual courses online in close proximity with other students.  These courses are generally set in large classrooms and are designed to be completed on a quarter or semester basis, making it easier for you to adjust to college and university academic sessions.  Additionally, if you earn your online diploma from an accredited college or university, you might be able to easily transfer advanced credits into postsecondary degree programs.

Academic Standards at Online Diploma High Schools

Depending on the high school you attend, standard class hours at the school might range from six to eight hours a week.  You can also take accelerated and honors courses as you progress toward earning your online diploma.  If you take accelerated or honors programs, you might be expected to complete up to 12 hours a week of academic coursework.  Attendance, classroom participation, completing and submitting school work on time and meeting acceptable grade levels (e.g. 95 – 100 for an A) is generally required to graduate.  Keep in mind that before you graduate with an online diploma you must meet the minimum graduation requirements set by the Department of Education in the state where you live.

Furthermore, as with any distance learning program, make sure that you practice self-discipline and time and project management skills while you attend online schools.  Doing so can help you to focus on your school work during the day, complete all reading assignments your teachers assign you and study sufficiently for upcoming quizzes and exams.  While you earn your diploma online also make sure that you continue to connect with your friends in the neighborhood where you live.  Also take the time to get outdoors and have fun with your siblings, neighbors and friends.  This way you can create a balanced learning and living environment that you can thrive in academically, socially and personally.


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