December 22, 2014

Short-term online courses

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Taking Short-Term Courses to Earn Your Online Degree Fast

If you want to earn your online degree fast you should think about enrolling in a short term online course.  You can take the courses at accredited colleges and universities on weekdays or on weekends to get a degree online fast.

To give you an idea of what short-term online courses are, think about focused courses offered at your local community college, courses that make it easy for working adults to finish a degree in a minimal amount of time.  Even if you aren’t pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, you can take one or more short-term online courses to improve your job training and position yourself for promotions and pay increases.  Generally, you are required to register for the courses seven or more days before classes start.

However, the courses are especially beneficial to you and other students who want to complete online college degrees fast.  Classes take place one to two days a week for two to three hours.  For example, you could take an accounting income tax class on a Thursday evening from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., giving you time to feed your children dinner before you sign into web or teleconferences and online Blackboard classroom discussions with your professors and other students taking the course.  Other courses available for you to register for to earn accredited online degrees fast include:

  • Business administration
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Information technology
  • Web design
  • Child development
  • Health education
  • Mathematics
  • Food and nutrition
  • Counseling
  • Fashion merchandising or fashion image
  • Physical education (e.g. weight training, swimming, golf)
  • Parenting strategies and family relationships
  • Practical money skills for life
  • Medical manager
  • Medical administrative assistant

Skills Need to Earn a Bachelor Degree Online Fast

In addition to taking robust, in-depth and focused courses in the subject you’re majoring in, to earn a bachelor degree online fast you’ll need to:

  • Time management skills
  • Self-discipline (because the courses are short, you’ll need to complete projects and assignments when you say you will rather than waiting until the last minute to cram and turn in projects)
  • Solid communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Self motivation (although you’ll have access to academic advisors and career counselors you’ll need to encourage yourself to continue performing at your best so you graduate with honors and/or respectable grade scores)

As technology continues to advance and you and other students continue to voice your concerns and recommendations to college and university administrators about the need for more ways to complete your degree in shorter amounts of time and at lower tuition rates, you’ll see more improved changes.  Short-term online courses are one of those forward moving changes.

You can generally get money to pay for the courses through your employer’s tuition reimbursement program, scholarships, grants and work/study programs (if you’re not currently employed).  If you’re taking graduate level short-term online courses check with the school to see if you apply for fellowships.  You can also find fellowships to help pay your tuition through professional associations like the College Art Association, American Water Works Association or the American Historical Association.


  1. chandraprakash patel says:

    i have Bachelor of commerce degree in subject of a/cing from india. Can you suggest what to do?? I m interested in short term course in that subject. thanks….

  2. Bikram pant says:

    I want to study bba program through online.can you help me? I am from nepal.35 years man.

  3. Mike says:

    I took a short online course in marketing and another one in business management and I really enjoyed it. It provided my with a good foundation to build off of.

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