December 20, 2014

University of Phoenix vs. Capella University

University of Phoenix Online Degree Programs

University of Phoenix and Capella University are two top accredited online universities offering robust courses and majors for students who are serious about their education.  Course fields offered at these universities include Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, Nursing, Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Business Administration.

Dr. John Sperling, an economist, founded University of Phoenix online in 1976.  The school started with several local campuses then expanded into more than 200 teaching hubs offering students around the world the chance to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees online and in classroom settings.  As of 2011, University of Phoenix is the largest private university in the United States.  It offers Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degree programs in several concentrations.  The postsecondary school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.  It is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

Taking Online Courses at Capella University

Akin to other top accredited online colleges like University of Phoenix online, South University online and Drexel University online programs, Capella University has been in operation for several years.  Capella University was founded in 1991 by Steven Shank, a former Tonka Corporation CEO.  As of 2011, the distance learning school offers more than 1,450 online courses.  It also offers more than 48 degrees in various concentrations.

Accreditations that Capella University holds are with the Higher Learning Commission, the American Counseling Association’s Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education.  Students have the option of completing their courses using a mobile telephone, desktop computer, laptop or notepad.  Courses at the online college are designed with a dashboard or blackboard that students can access to locate and download current course materials uploaded into the system by their professors.

Comparing Accredited Online Programs

Before professors start teaching at University of Phoenix they must have a Master’s degree.  They must also have working experience in subjects they teach.  At both Phoenix and Capella, students have the choice of taking their courses online or in a classroom.  It’s possible to complete admissions applications, register for classes, participate in classroom discussions in real time and submit assignments and projects online.

Both schools assign students a graduation team consisting of an enrollment advisor and academic and financial advisors.  Enrollment advisors help students complete admissions applications and register for classes.  Academic advisors check with students to ensure they are on track to graduate with the highest scores possible.  Finance advisors work with students to help them apply for financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and low interest student loans.  Capella University also has a team of career counselors who work with students to help them land the type of employment they are seeking.

Both University of Phoenix and Capella University work with Fortune 500 firms to increase the chances of their student graduates landing quality employment after they leave school with an undergraduate or graduate degree.  Learning aids (e.g. study guides) are available online and free of charge for students at the schools to access and use.  Before registering and paying for courses at Capella University students can also “test drive” online learning and find out how it feels to complete school work electronically, giving them the chance to find out firsthand if taking online courses is a good fit for them.  Commencement exercises with students, their family members and friends are held at least twice at year at both online colleges.


  1. Lanette Polak says:

    I was faced with the same question. I attend the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix is the fourth top online school in the world at Global Academy Online rating a 5 out of a 1-5 being the best online university. Capella ranked a four. Capella offered me a Master Degree in Human Resources Management for $22,000. Both schools have learning teams, the University of Phoenix is widely known. You get what you pay for. Capella’s MSHR program is 10 weeks long and credits are 4 per credit hour. University of Phoenix has 3 credit hours per class and their program is six weeks per course. I am on my third course there and need a total of 15 to earn my Master of Management Degree. There is no academic honors with UoP. As with any school managing your career is your responsibility. I can not transfer because my loans will overlap and will not obtain transfer credit towards Capella.

  2. Lanette Polak says:

    I think the U of P is a better school because they have been in business longer than Capella, they are the fourth online university in the world to be recognized by Global Academy Online and their rating is a 5 in online education. Capella rates a 4 in online education, and has not been in business as long as UoP. I want to go somewhere where employers’ will acknowledge my degree. I think University of Phoenix is more reputable to employers’ because everyone knows who they are. Capella uses LivePerson as their chat and LivePerson tried to get me to pay $495 for medical transciptionist software. You get what you pay for. UoP is $32,000 for my Master Degree, a six week program for each class, discussions are 4 times a week with 2 posts for four days of the week. There are research papers to write each week and there are learning teams. As with any university you are responsible for managing your own career. I hope this helps.

  3. ruth says:

    I went to the university of phoenix and am glad that I did. They helped me along the way when my schedules conflicted and were very friendly when ever I needed them.
    I don’t know about that other school but I am happy with my college online MBA from the university of phoenix

  4. sarah says:

    Well i am thinking about in rolling but i want to know did you guys look in to any other colleges ?

    • Lanette Polak says:

      If you go to DeVry for a Bachelor and obtain A’s and decide to go for a Master they will exempt you from a few courses for a Master at their Keller Graduate School of Management. I am very curious about Walden University. I will look at other customer reviews.

  5. Lanette Polak says:

    What is it like to go to Walden University? How are they? What do they offer in terms of career services?

  6. Wayne Chapman says:

    I am currently completing my MBA Capstone with Capella University. I chose Capella based on the school’s reputation and expectations of student academic performance. Many on line schools are degree mills which produce low quality grads. Capella has rigorous yet achievable curricula for working adults. I enjoy the professional interactions with career professionals versus more junior populations found in brick and mortar institutions.

    Regarding time, although Capella was established later than UoP, I find it of little relevance or any evidence that duration of establishment leads to a higher quality education. Yale was established in 1701 while Harvard was established in 1638 both are essentially equals. Time means what?

    I have attended many on=line programs and Capella is a no nonsense institution…if you aren’t dedicated- go somewhere else and I like that.

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